September – Cherry Blossom Time

Cherry trees blossom only once a year in September so you have a short time to come and visit Cherrybrook Cherry Farm to see this spectacular sight and take once in a lifetime photographs.

Take the opportunity to have a day trip and visit Winton Wetlands for lunch or stay overnight Glamping style and take in the fantastic sights of North East Victoria. Only 2 hours drive from Melbourne.

November & December Fresh Cherries

Visit Cherrybrook Cherry Farm to buy fresh cherries in kilos or boxes. Pick your own cherries straight from the tree, enjoy the cherry experience.  Great fun for the whole family!

FREE ENTRY. Pick your own $8/kg. Pre-picked and packed $10/kg

November & December U-Pick Fresh Cherries

Visit Cherrybrook Cherry Farm to buy fresh cherries in kilos or boxes. Pick your own cherries straight from the tree, enjoy the cherry experience.

$8 Entry. Pick your own $8/kg. Pre-picked and packed $10/kg

All Year ound – Smoking chips & Garden mulch

After pruning our cherry trees we mulch the wood and have it available for you to recycle in your BBQ or wood stove and have the aromatic smell of cherries through your favourite meal.

600g smoking chips $7. Bulk discount for larger amounts and mulch.

Our Nursery

Cherrybrook also features an extensive Nursery with our speciality – double grafted weeping cherries – available to order for 2019. We also have double grafted Sweet Cherries as well as our other varietals available to order.

The nursery has been established by Horticultural expert Tony Rak. He originally learnt his trade at University of Melbourne’s Burnley College. He now has over 50 years of horticultural experience and is available for consultation including grafting, pruning and landscaping services.


Cherry Varieties

The orchard was originally planted in 1989 as a nursery. The trees were allowed to grow for a year or two to become strong enough to be planted out into the main orchard. Older varieties have been replaced with the more popular market demands for size and flavour.

  • Stella
  • Merchant
  • Bing
  • Simone
  • Lappin
  • Sam
  • Summit
  • Royal Dawn
  • Earlise
  • Samaba
  • Ron Seedlings
  • Sunburst
  • Black Star
  • Talari
  • Rainier
  • Morello (tart cherries)

Premium Cherries from
North-East Victoria


We bought the property in 1988 to establish a cherry farm in a tranquil valley surrounded by hills in the most beautiful part of North East of Victoria.

The property is the original Mt Bruno Property that was established in the mid 1800’s by an Italian Count by the name of Bruno. The Count was commissioned to produce mulberry trees for the production of silk worms but that venture did not succeed.
Our home is a 125 year old brick dwelling made from bricks from what was then the local brick factory in Thoona our nearest town.

We purchased the property in 1988 and it had established wine grapes and olive trees which were planted by a Spanish gentleman in the late 1960’s

Tony is a third generation cherry grower following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Tony has always been a keen horticulturist and loves growing cherry trees.

The last drought ensured that we prepared for future droughts by securing our water supply for the production of the cherry orchard. We currently have 7000 cherry trees – some are young and not yet in production.

Marion was born and bred in Chatswood, Sydney and spent all her teenage years in the city. After marrying we moved to rural Victoria.

We have 2 sons, Warren and Adrian. Warren lives in NSW has 3 children Gavin, Jordan and Aiden. Adrian is living in Melbourne working for MFB and he enjoys outdoor persuits.



Cherrybrook Cherry Farm is committed to sustainability and environmental health. We operate our packing shed with ozone generated clarifiers in both the water and coolrooms. We have 15kWs of Solar for generating and conserving power for our pumps for irrigation of the fruit and we use very little chemicals in the orchard and concentrate on integrated pest management systems.

Where to buy our Cherries

Cherrybrook Cherry Farm produces quality cherries for both the export and domestic markets.

We export to Asia and Europe and also have cherries for Brisbane markets here in Australia.

Cherrybrook sells directly into local shops and also frequents farmers markets. Come and talk to Marion or Tony at the Violet Town Market in November and December.

Morello cherries are available in December and delivery into Sydney for reasonable order quantites.

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562 Jones Road Mount Bruno 3675

p: (03) 5765 2331
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m: 0428 652 433 Tony